Here it is, finally, my PhD thesis in Computer Engineering. It is in Portuguese and its original title is “Transformação de um Modelo de Empresa em um Modelo de Casos de Uso seguindo os Conceitos de Engenharia Dirigida por Modelos” – which can be translated to “Transforming an Enterprise Model into a Use Case Model using Model-Driven Engineering Concepts”. Its abstract and keywords are:

Abstract: One of the key responsibilities of Requirements Engineering is to refine requirements into specifications. For enterprise systems, this refinement must consider the enterprise context where the system will be deployed. Although there are some approaches for requirements refinement, some of them even considering the enterprise context, this task is executed manually. Based on Model-Driven Engineering concepts, this study proposes a semi-automatic transformation using an enterprise model as a requirements model and a use case model as a specifications model. For that, this work considers that using an enterprise model as a source it is possible to represent both the requirements and the domain knowledge that are necessary to obtain specifications through a transformation. Therefore, this study presents the source and target meta-models, a set of transformation rules, and a tool to support the transformation. Finally, this study also discusses an experiment executed to analyze some aspects of this proposal.

Keywords: requirements engineering, model-driven engineering, requirement, specification, transformation, enterprise model, use case.

It is avaliable at

If you want to see my presentation, it is available here.

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